Timeneto – the world is changing!

In a world where efficiency is measured in time and we all know that time is money, you need to have the full control and all necessary information to adequately coordinate and allocate your human resources. Nowadays, when on-time, accurate information is the key for day-to-day success, you need a reliable, impossible to fool system, with instant visibility no matter where you are.

Whether you want to have accurate information on your business or wish to appreciate and optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff, whether you have multiple business points or simply need the information on-the-go, Timeneto is the perfect service for you.

Timeneto - the most innovative cloud based biometric service for personnel management and time and attendance – lets you have time under control. The simple plug & play installation of the readers, the powerful extractor mechanism, the ultra-fast searching and matching algorithm and the intuitive reporting interface, accessible from any gadget connected to internet, makes Timeneto the simplest, yet most sophisticated solution for your organization.

Providing comprehensive reports and alerts regarding the employees’ workflow, Timeneto offers full operational control. Furthermore, besides the possibility of real-time staff evaluation, Timeneto provides numerous other advantages:  zero initial investment, low usage cost, instant technical support, continuous free updates, accurate reports, unique user data and immediate response.

Timeneto is mainly addressed to the companies with multiple work points, or staff with variable program or frequent changes of location. It can be also used successfully in office buildings or in locations where there are several subcontractors.

Used in international retail or services networks (such as Billa or Burger King), in independent companies, by local entrepreneurs (such as Mango or Optiplaza in Romania), or by governmental institutions (such as Ministry of Education in Israel), Timeneto constantly proves its utility in quantification and optimization of the human resources.

In a competitive business environment, dominated by big ambitions, competitive and precise rules, Timeneto is an incontestable tool for efficiency.

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