With its relevant experience and advanced expertise for the European markets, our company brings innovation on the technological market and creates new consumer behaviors, through launching and promoting cutting-edge gadgets and technologies.


Our highly specialized team, with proven results over time, owns solid knowledge about the technology-related industry, insights about their distribution channels, user behavior, the proper targeting and the adequate communication method. 


In the last 3 years, TDT developed an exclusive platform in Europe and connected, supervised and supported, on a daily basis, more than 8.000 POSes across the continent, from all the major players of Telecom/IT industry: Operators (KPN, Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, Telenor, Teliasonera, Meo, etc.), Dealers and Retailers (Media-Saturn Group, Dixons, etc.) List here.


According to our business models and service levels agreed, we are speaking, for each customer, with the Head of Retail, Sales, Marketing and Operations and we help them effectively achieve their objectives, delivering measurable results and providing operational expertise which increases their business constantly. We intend to systematically bring on the market innovative technologies that can change the rules of game in each industry, challenging the consumer to evolve in his relationship with the technology. And for our partners, we provide the needed platform which ensures the exponential growth of their business across the region.  


So, if you have a nice and promising product/service and you are interested to penetrate effectively to the telecom/IT networks or Mobile retailers in all Europe, contact us today.



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