The TDT Vision- of providing users with devices and technologies that change the rules of the game and challenge users to evolve - is based on promoting the innovative products of our top partners, who have entrusted us with the concepts developed by them, so that we bring them to the European customers.
Covering a diverse range of industries, habits of use, benefits and ways to reach the consumer, the TDT partners share the same value - the passion for innovation which is reflected in new products and revolutionary technologies.




IQS company began developing the Biometric Authentication Service working for the government officials. The Timeneto commercial solution (for timesheets, human resource and database management and control) has been implemented in UK and Israel, and then expanded towards Western Europe and the United States. The innovative technology and unique patented IQS algorithm places this company in the top of the developers of biometric technologies, worldwide.
TDT distributes Timeneto service in Eastern-Europe by closely collaborating with IQS, both for localizing the resources or refining the services, or for developing particular features, integrated with local clients’ systems, depending on their specific needs.



The MCE System Company first developed its product as a dedicated and particular solution for specific telecom industry players. Their highly positive results on the Canadian market led the company towards generalizing the product and bringing it into a more complex and fragmented market, such as the European one. The Eastern-Europe area, with its very dynamic telecom sector, was a natural choice for launching and TDT resources and market know-howwere decisive to choosing us as a partner for penetrating this region.


Founded in January 2013, the American company Toonimo had as objective to be the multimedia platform for creating tailored, onsite animations that guide and convert website visitors. Later on, the company invested in expanding the multimedia and personalization power of the platform, while educating and attracting web businesses about online guidance and how they boost their results.


Toonimo has more than 100 customers worldwide, running monthly hundred animations, seen by millions of users.


  • Communicating with your customers has never been so engaging!

  • First software solution of its kind in the market!

  • Timeneto – now you control time!