SAVE&GO launches a new feature: Buy Back by Save&GO!

TDT DISTRIBUTION has the pleasure to announce that Save&GO, one of its main brands in the portfolio, is expanding its services.

A fresh new feature is now available: Buy Back by Save&GO.

Everybody is familiar with the term of buy-back through which customer gets a certain amount for the old device, returned to the shop, in order to use it for a further purchase of a different one.

But Save&GO’s service brings, again, something new and revolutionary to the market, giving a new dimension to this whole process.

Three main advantages can sum up the Buy-Back feature:

· User-friendly:  extremely easy to use and friendly interface. The plug-and-play assistant will ease the work of the salespersons when connecting a device. The pop-up screen will provide a price quote for trade-in or recycling, depending on the condition of the phone

·  Fast: one of the most important attribute of each and every Save&GO features. Everything happens in maximum 4 clicks, ensuring that the operation doesn’t waste your salespersons’ time. No long queues in the shop - more customers that can be taken care of.

· Efficient: the assistant provides very accurate value estimation for the connected device. Due to the auto-recognition feature, the device model is easily detected. Plus, the extra options allow the salesperson to evaluate correctly the status of the device (working or not-working, damaged, etc.).

All the above make Buy-Back by Save&GO a real profit booster and time saver. Choose buy-back for higher incomes and happier customers!

This new feature adds to the Save&GO already unique features that make it one of the most successful software solution on the market.

A broad range of services are already part of the whole Save&GO platform:

- Content Management: a complete solution for the management of the content on customer’s device from Content Transfer, Backup,  Restore, Print, Delete, iPhone Activation, Email Setup

- Dr. Phone: a SMART integrated solution for on-spot return avoidance that analyses the current device health status and executes the  Backup, Reset to Manufacturer Settings and Restore of content

- Spotload: apps and content, installed on the devices, RIGHT IN THE STORE, and customizable by several criteria like device model, period of time, location and customer profile

- Apps Revolution: feature providing high-quality free Apps, grouped in packages upon fields of interest, for every Android 'visiting' the shop. A certain amount is paid by TDT to the retail partner, for each Apps Package installed

Through all these unique features, Save&GO platform becomes the All-in-One, IN SHOP, solution for mobile phones and tablets.

In case you are curious to see any of these services at work, don’t hesitate to contact TDT for a demo or a direct test in your shops.




  • Communicating with your customers has never been so engaging!

  • First software solution of its kind in the market!

  • Timeneto – now you control time!