Communicating with your customers has never been so engaging!

Continuously focused on innovation, TDT has recently added to its portfolio a new product, especially developed to embody your brand: Toonimo – the smart on-line assistant that gives a voice and a face to your website.

Toonimo is the perfect tool to upgrade and optimize your online presence and communication with the target audience. It is a customized animation for your website which will help you approach users directly, draw their attention and make them respond to any call-to-action. 

It is a fully customizable character, from choosing the exact face and voice for your animation, to placing it on the desired page (one or multiple) and having it deliver the desired message to your customers, even in their native language. Using behavior- based triggers, the animation will follow and react in real time to customer’s online journey.

Besides the qualitative experience the user enjoys while visiting your website, you get to achieve quantitative results for your business: more time spent on your website, reduced bounce rate and higher conversion, increased retention and less calls to the support department.



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  • Communicating with your customers has never been so engaging!

  • First software solution of its kind in the market!

  • Timeneto – now you control time!