First software solution of its kind in the market!

Save&GO brings a fast, safe and effective solution: a device and an application that adds all the important content of the old phone into the new one, all this at the touch of a button. Whether the customer wants transfer between two phones, from one SIM into phone, or a backup on a USB stick, printing on paper or deleting all contacts or multimedia files, setting-up the e-mail account, or installing apps, Save&GO does it instantly, right in the store.

Recently launched: Courtesy Phone by Save&GO! Customer needs to send his device to service lab and you’re offering him a courtesy phone during the repairing process? Get use of this Automatic, Easy process which allows, through just ONE CLICK, to copy all the data from customer’s damaged phone to the borrowed one, and wipe the first one before sending it to service. And vice versa! Completely SAFE and SECURE for the customer!

Reinvented offering: BuyBack! The automatic assistant that gathers exact device information, performs a quick scan of the device, evaluating both the current workability and physical condition of device, and provides in REAL TIME accurate value information for trade-in or recycling, depending on the condition of the phone.

Innovative concept: Spotload&SaveMillions! Issues with extended pre-launch procedures, long lead-time for deliveries, content obsolete too fast? SPOT-loading, not PRE-loading the desired content and apps, right in the store, to the targeted customer/device ONLY! No CAPEX, No INVESTMENT. ‘JUST’ Millions saved year after year, for your business.

Revolutionary project: Apps Revolution by Save&GO, the World Wide Channel for installing apps in the shop. Multiple apps packages, consisting of high- rated applications, hand-picked and tested, grouped upon fields of interest, are ready to work for your business and generate NEW & EXTRA revenues.

New functionality: Dr. Phone by Save&GO. Suite of features which represents a SMART integrated solution for on-spot return avoidance: analyze of current device health status and one-button fix of device plus preserve of the content - Backup, Reset to Factory Settings and Restore. All right in the store, in few minutes, avoiding at least 25% of the devices going for the lab and saving huge money for your business.

Automatically recognizing more than 3,500 phone models and tablets, Save&GO is the solution for all the laborious processes from the stores, involving devices. And it assures a high compatibility cross brands&OSes.

With an average transfer time of less than 2 minutes, with perfect accuracy and wonderful ease of use, Save&GO customizable platform allows for future development of advanced functionalities: phone diagnose, software, settings update or phone personalization.

The simple, fast and inexpensive solution offered by Save&GO makes every new phone's buyer a satisfied customer, who will appreciate both the services and the perfect shopping experience.

Save&GO is available in over 8,000 POSes from 20 European countries.

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